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The Story of Things We Forget to Remember

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3/13/05 12:22 pm

im confused. im not sure about some stuff anymore. i need someone to talk to. :\

3/12/05 09:48 pm

i havent updated in a while. well, i stole this outta someones lj!...

+ your name: Emmy Zarcone
+ your gender: girl
+ age: 13
+ height: 5'3.5"
+ hair color: brown
+ eye color: green. but it can change
+ your location: my house.
+ fears: spiders, oompa loopmas, and clowmns
+ peed your pants? no
+ cheated on someone? not that i can recall. but i prolly was at one point.
+ fallen off the bed? yeah. a bunk bed too, from the top. i slept through it haha.
+ fallen for a relative? ewwwwww no.
+ had plastic surgery? no
+ broke someone's heart? i dont think so.
+ had your heart broken? yeah...
+ had a dream come true? yeah
+ done something you regret? yes
+ cheated on a test? haha, yeah
+ been raped? noo
+ broken a body part? no
+ wearing – jeans and a hoodie
+ listening to – my tv
+ chewing - nothing
+ feeling – tired
+ reading – the ims im getting
+ located - in my computer chair
+ chatting with – justin and jordan
+ watching – gilmore girls
+ should REALLY be - sleeping.
SECTiON 4 [ DO YOU... ]
+ brush your teeth? yeah
+ like anybody? yes
+ have any piercing? 4, 2 on each ear
+ drive? no
+ believe in Santa Claus? no
+ ever get off the computer? no
+ do you hang out with the opposite sex? yeah
+ do you consider yourself popular? no
+ do you trust your friends? yep
+ are you a good friend? i would like to think so
+ can you keep a secret? yeah!
+ IMed – jordan
+ talked to on the phone – jordan
+ yelled at ? – idk.
+ fell in love with – ...
+ turned down – don
+ What do you want to be when you grow up? a web page designer
+ What was the worst day of your life? i dont know
+ What has been the best day of your life? march, 11, 2005.
+ What comes first in your life? all my friends, my family
+ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? – boyfriend
+ If you had an extra set of eyes where would you put them? um... on my head
+ What do you usually think about before you go to bed? what eve im watching on tv
+ Movie: Queen of the Damned, Mouin Rouge, Chicago, Nightmare Before Christmas
+ Song: Look What You`ve Done - jet
+ Group: from autumn to ashes
+ Store: pac sun
+ Relative: umm andree, but im still not sure if she is related to me
+ Sport: hockey, football
+ Vacation Spot: finland
+ Fruit: apples or lemons
+ Candy: twizzlers, skittles, or starbursts
+ Holiday: christmas and halloween
+ Day of the Week: wednesday.
+ Color: piink
+ Magazine: i dont read magazines
+ Name for a Girl: autumn
+ Name for a Boy: davey (like davey havok )
SECTiON 9 [ DO YOU . . .]
+ Like to give hugs - of course!
+ Like to walk in the rain? i <3 rain.
+ Sleep with or without clothes on? with
+ Prefer black or blue pens? blue
+ Dress up on Halloween? always
+ Have a job? kinda
+ Like to travel? its ok i guess. as long as its not by plane
+ Like someone? yepp
+ Sleep on your side, tummy or back? tummy
+ Think you're attractive? no
+ Want to marry? someday
+ Have a goldfish? - no
+ Ever have the falling dream? yeah
+ Have stuffed animals? a couple
+ Go on vacation? sometimes
+ Abortion: if you cant take care of a baby yourself then use adoption. its just stupid to take someones life. especially a babys
+ Bill Clinton: ewww
+ Eating Disorders: people have the right to do what they want with their body. its not their fault tho, its a mental disorder
+ Summer: i <3 vacation
+ Tattoos: i want one :)
+ Piercing: i need more :p
+ Make-up: always needed
+ Drinking: yum!
+ Guys: yummy!
+ Girls: friends only. lol
+ Pierced nose or tongue? – tounge
+ Be serious or funny? - serouis
+ Single or taken? - taken
+ Simple or Complicated? - simple. but complicated can be good
+ MTV or BET? - mtv
+ 7th Heaven or Dawson's Creek? - neither
+ Sugar or salt? - salt
+ Silver or gold? - silver
+ Tongue or belly button ring? tounge
+ Chocolate or flowers? flowers
+ Angels or miracles? miracles
+ Color or Black-and-white photos? black and white
+ Sunrise or sunset? - sunset
+ M&M's or Skittles? skittled
+ Rap or Rock? - rock
+ Stay up late or sleep in? stay up late ;)
+ TV or radio? tv
+ Hot or cold? cold
+ members of the opposite sex taller or shorter? - taller
+ Sun or moon? - moon
+ 10 acquaintances or one best friend? one best friend. but i dont want to be a loner
+ Vanilla or chocolate? - vanilla
+ Kids or no kids? - no kids
+ Half-empty or Half-full? half empty
+ Mustard or ketchup? neither. ew
+ Newspaper or Magazine? - news paper
+ Spring or Fall? - fall
+ Give or receive? - give
+ Rain or snow? - rain
+ Happy or sad? sad, because that means there was something happy before. being happy means that you will become sad
+ sneakers or sandals? flip flops!
+ McDonald's or Burger King? no fast food!
+ Mexican or Italian food? - italian
+ Lights on or off? – off
+ A house in the woods or the city? woods
+ Pepsi or Coke? – coke
+ Nike or ADIDAS? - adidas ( all day i dream about sex - Korn!!!)

3/6/05 07:08 pm

3/5/05 04:19 pm


Created by bubblegirl123 and taken 4 times on bzoink!

what would you say...
if i asked you not to go?i wouldnt go
to forget everyone?i would forget
to forget everything?i wouldnt remmeber
to start over with me?its all about you!
what do u think about...
the moon?shiny
ME!sexii bitch! haha
bubble gum?yumm
leathal wepons?... ;]
personal information...
boyfriend/girlfriend?no.. :[
hair color?brunette
band?hawthorne heights, from autumn to ashes, and many many many more
emotion?feeling loved
friends?i cant pick a favorite
song?look what you`ve done - Jet
class?math and social
other things that i dont feel like making there own topic for...
favorite street?the one i live on?
best friends?all of my friends are my best friends
coolest friend?nikki of course lol
nicest friend?all of them are nice
hyperest friend?theyre all hyper
hottest friend?ask andree... about the secksay!! shell tell you
sexxiest friend?read the last question^
funnest friend?theyre all funny..
best friend*boy*?theyre all my best friends :]
weirdest friend?wow... deff. andree!
lovingest friend?andree lol
caringest friend?all of them
what song reminds u of ur best friend?boulevard of broken dreams - green day (juss cuz everyone knows it)
what song reminds u of u?buried myself alive - the used
what kind of shoes do u have?old ones...
if u could eat anything u wanted right now, what would it be?a gallon of ice cream... :] it would make me feel better
cupcake?why not !

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3/3/05 07:40 am

Tinkerbelle's Survey: Have You Ever...

Created by Tinkerbelle17 and taken 61 times on bzoink!

Gone to summer camp?no
Refused to listen to a teacher?yeah
Cried in public?no
Betrayed a friend?yeah
Made a perverted snowman?no
Done the splits?no
Picked flowers from other people's lawns?yeah
Been grounded?yeah
Tripped on your feet?yeah
Checked under your bed before going to sleep?yeah when i was little
Played on a sports team?does cheerleading count lol
Spent all day on the computer?yeah
Worn black nail polish?im wearing it right now
Forgotten a birthday of someone important?yeah
Had a conversation with yourself?yeah
Fallen asleep at school?yeah
Lied to a doctor?yeah
Been to a slumber party?yeah
Had a pillow fight?yeah
Lied about your age?yeah haha ;) im 12 (im actually not)
Made fun of someone to fit in?yeah
Stood up for someone who was being bullied?yeah
Heard people talking badly about you?yeah
Been called fat?yeah
Been called anorexic?yeah
Worn an article of clothing without realising the tag was still on?haha yes!
Kicked someone 5 years younger than you?yeah
Cursed at a teacher?no
Cried in front of a teacher?in 2nd grade
Been told you were pretty by a teacher of the opposite sex?once
Cursed at a parent?no
Done drugs?no
Had sex?no
Called the police?yeah (it was an accident)
Made a prank call?yeah
Stolen something from a store?yeah, a piece of candy
Said a racist comment and meant it?no
Made yourself throw up?no
Thought you were going crazy?yeah
Doubted your sexuality?no
Lied to a teacher?yeah
Wished you were dead?yeah
Tried to kill yourself?... no
Given the finger to a complete stranger?yeah hehe
Been to a concert?no : grrr :
Hurt an animal on purpose?no, thats mean!
Broken something that was special to someone else because you were mad?no.. not that i remmeber
Cheated on a test?yeah
Copied off of someone else's homework?yeah.. how do you think i get my hw done?!
Sworn at a little kid?yeah
Driven while you were drunk?no
Been in a car accident?yeah
Spit in someone's food?yeah
Ran away from home?no
Held a real gun?yeah once
Wished someone would die?yeah
Been beaten up?no
Beat someone else up?yeah! haha
Wished someone would be raped?yeah
Wondered what the world has come to?yeah
Had a crush on a teacher?no ewwwwwwww
Ate so much you got sick?yeah
Hurt yourself on purpose?... :-\
Thrown a glass object so that it broke?yeah
Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?no
Kissed someone you hardly knew?no
Smoked a cigarette?no
Broken a bone?no
Biten someone?yeah.. all the time
Worn a mini skirt?yeah
Made out with someone of the same sex?ewww no
Eaten dog/cat food?nooooo
Stuck gum under a table?yeah
Written on a desk at school?yeah
Chewed a pencil?yeah
Spit on someone?yeah
Been spit on?maybe.. prollly lol
Driven over your lawn?no
Told your crush you liked them?yeah
Skipped class?no
Written on a cubicle in a public bathroom?yeah
Stayed up all night?yeah
Eaten a bag of cookies in a day?yeah
Been kicked out of a store?well, not a store...
Put dog/cat food in someone's food?no
Refused to pay someone back after you promised you would?yeah
Read someone else's diary?yeah
Sworn at an animal?yeah
Tripped in public?yeah
Walked into a pole?yeah!!
Walked into a parked car?yeah
Found someone much older than you very attractive?JOHNNY DEPP of course!!
Stapled your finger?no
Laughed at someone who was seriously hurt?yeah
Found a bug in your cereal?yeah
Been so lazy you wouldn't get up to go to the bathroom?yeah
Fell of the bed?yeah
Peed your pants at school?no
Watched porn?no
Almost drowned?yeah
Had a black eye?yeah
Went rollerblading and crashed into a bush?yeah
Made fun of someone because they were fat?yeah
Snuck out of the house?no
Dyed your hair?not all of my hair.. but parts of it
Cut your own hair?yeah
Been stung by a bee/wasp?yeah owwie :'[
Climbed on a roof?yeah
Worn gothic make-up?haha yeah!
Had a contact break in your eye?no
Had food poisoning?yeah
Had heat-stroke?no
Bought an article of clothing and never wore it?yeah
Cut yourself on a blade?yeah
Fallen on glass?no
Worn an article of clothing that was lime green?yeah
Eaten a bug?no
Eaten something that fell on the ground?yeah
Been to a shrink?no
Had surgery?no
Needed braces?yeah.. got em off tho!
Worn a bikini?yeah
Failed a test?yeah
Failed a class?yeah
Been teacher's pet?yeah
Been teacher's least favorite student?yeah
Cheated in a game?yeah
Danced in public?yeah
Slow danced with a guy?yeah
Slow danced with a girl?yeah haha
Been afraid of the dark?yeah
Seriously thought of hurting someone else?yeah
Had a cavity?yeah

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